Dearest Die Hard Facebook Group Moms.

I’m just here to crowd source on the best travel bottle warmer. I wasn’t expecting so many women complaining about husbands and MIL’s. It honestly came as a shock, and I didn’t have my popcorn ready.

I was expecting a place where I could discuss sleep schedules and gather thoughts on the cry-it-out method, not a place to get into a heated debate about how much money to put in an envelope at a wedding. Honestly, the original poster asked about the going rate of a plate in 2018, not your views on wedding gift giving, so telling her to “give what she can afford” isn’t helpful.

Thank you SOOO much for sharing the intimate details of your custody agreement, but I just wanted to know who currently has the best deal on Pampers Swaddlers, so I don’t think your story applies.

I’ve literally seen posts with “A friend of mine recently confided in me that…” and honestly that shit is not cool. Not cool at all!

I just want to know what photographer you ladies are using for your Christmas photos, and where I should go to get my baby announcements printed, but some of you are far more interested in sharing the intimate details of your marital sex life.

I thought we were here to talk about the best Back To School specials, or ideas to make bagged lunches less boring, not to lecture each other, mom shame or digitally crucify anti-vaccine moms.

Some of you take this shit way to seriously. You need to chill TF out and share your thoughts on AVENT bottles vs Dr Brown, because your mama drama is not adding value to this space.

There are things you should ask your friends, and then things you can and should ask moms in a Facebook group. And FYI, “what is this bump on my vagina” is probably best reserved for your BFF. TMI ma. TMI.


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