As if that’s a thing?! Or maybe it is. Either way, today my blog turns 1 year old, which means Lucas is almost 1 year old. The blog turning 1 I can deal with, him, not so much.

When I started this blog I did so for a couple of reasons. The first and primary reason was because, as a Social Media professional, I wanted a space that forced me to stay plugged in to digital and social spaces so that my baby brain didn’t turn into mama mush while on maternity leave. Secondly, I didn’t want to overwhelm my personal social channels with baby photos, and having a dedicated channel for my blog allowed me to post baby pics with abandon. Mission accomplished on both accounts.

As expected, I have learned a great deal this first year of blogging. I’ve become a better content creator, studied simple coding, learned how to better express myself, and I’ve had to master multi-tasking in order to pay even a little bit of attention to this space. What I wasn’t expecting was the connections I would make with other moms. That I would discover my village on Instagram. That I would have late night conversations with moms from everywhere and anywhere about feeding, sleeping and “ugh girl, I feel you” feelings. That I would meet moms who own businesses, run magazines, represent brands, blog themselves, teach children, make gourmet baby food, and the list goes on and on.

I planned on sharing stories and photos, but I didn’t expect to share heart ache with women whom I don’t know. Or to share joy with them. Or to share concern, or fear, or worry, or excitement, or laughter.

Blogging has been humbling. As I work for large brands in my professional life, I have first hand experience with large audiences, so in comparison it sometimes feels that the content I am creating is falling on deaf ears. Because of this I sometimes struggle to dedicate time to it, especially as Lucas grows, sleeps less, and becomes more demanding. However, every time I dedicate time to it, and share some of my most personal stories, it gives back to me tenfold. It gifts with me community, inclusion, empathy, understanding and friendship among so many other things

As I think about the future of this blog, I don’t want it to become a completely self serving space. I want to use my platform to support other mothers and to share their stories as well as mine, hence my latest #MomBoss series, which I hope to do much more of. I also want to continue to cultivate relationships with other mothers who are having similar experiences, so that we can share everything we’ve learned and remind each other that none of us are ever alone in this digital age. And ultimately, I want to share stories that are filled with love, empathy and positivity, something the world needs a lot more of these days.

So, to all those who read my blog, who have laughed and cried with me, who have learned from me or taught me, who have shared your stories with me and acknowledged mine, I want to say thank you for paying even a sliver of attention to my little corner of the internet. In this one year I have shared 331 images, 40 blog posts and countless conversations. As I think about going back to work, I know that I won’t be able to pay as much attention to this space as I have for the past year, but it will always be a special place that I turn to when I have something meaningful to share. My blogging journey is just beginning, and I hope you will stick with me as I continue to learn and share.

Thnx for reading! xo

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