Are you a millennial mama? Well, welcome to the A-List ladies. If you are a mother who was born between 1981 and 1996, you belong to the most coveted demographic group amongst marketers today. You are a mama who remembers what it was like to grow up pre-digital media, but who consults with digital media outlets before any major mom move – sometimes even the minor ones. You are tremendously influenced by what you are seeing online from celebrities, media, influencers and friends. You often stop and wonder how your own mother did all this without Siri, Alexa, Facebook Groups, Group Chats, Baby Centre, Yummly and The Wonder Weeks.

Even though you probably hold a lot of the same values your own mother worked to instill in you, you are a very different mother than she was, and modern (read: smart) marketers and businesses are taking note. They know they are talking to moms who are older, more informed, more connected, and savvier than any generation of moms before them. If they’re smart, they’re throwing away what once worked for the mom demo and adapting to our ever-changing demands.  And boy are we demanding!

We are the Amazon moms. The “drop it on my doorstep and leave” mom. The “I thought of it and now I want it within 24 hours” mom. It feels as though we are the busiest moms in the history of the game, moving 1,000 miles a minute, and this on-demand lifestyle is helping us breath a little easier. Many of us are balancing careers and family life, and it isn’t leaving a ton of time for ourselves. This is the space where mom guilt is born, and savvy businesses are entering and disrupting the marketplace to give us exactly what we crave…. easy, guilt free, self-care options that let us – just for a moment – put ourselves first. These revolutionary businesses are providing makeup, massage, skincare, nailcare and haircare services right in the comfort of our homes at prices that don’t break the bank, and they are helping women truly balance and have it all. I was able to sit down with the CEO of one such company and pick his brain on the new beauty service marketplace.

“Cribcut’s main benefits to clients are convenience, one-to-one connection, and our ability to bring the relaxing salon experience to clients’ homes on-demand

– David Howe, CEO of Cribcut

Cribcut is a revolutionary new in-home hair care company which has recently expanded its services into the Toronto market. They provide everything from a simple blow out, colour, cuts, and even extensions right in the comfort of your own home. As a frustrated client suffering through long waits for appointments and inconvenient business hours, David Howe was seeking a better way to get a haircut.  That’s when the idea struck him; “What if the stylist came to me?” And so, he set out to build a business to combat the frustrations shared by many. What he didn’t expect was that he was also solving the problems of stylists, allowing them to run their own businesses without the overhead of a salon.

Cribcut’s super simple booking site

And when it comes to the millennial mama group, David isn’t surprised by our enthusiastic reception of the service. “As Cribcut has grown, we’ve learned that busy moms are one of the groups who see the most value in our services. This makes a lot of sense to us – Cribcut’s main benefits to clients are convenience, one-to-one connection, and our ability to bring the relaxing salon experience to clients’ homes on-demand. We understand that new moms appreciate this convenience – they have their hands full!”

But it’s not just mama clients that are falling in love with Cribcut. Over half of the stylists utilizing the platform are moms like us, who are thriving due to the flexibility and freedom that the company provides them. Which means that when you support companies like Cribcut, you’re supporting moms who are seeking a better way to provide for their families, while maintaining flexible schedules that allow them to be there for their kids in their formative years.

My stylist Maria giving me a relaxing blowout in the comfort of my own bedroom

As for my own experience, with the service my stylist Maria was prompt, professional, friendly and talented. She was in and out in an hour, and I was left with soft flowy hair that lasted for days. She told me about the majority of her clientele; wedding parties, corporate events, post-op patients in hospitals, and of course, busy parents like myself. Imagine having someone come to your home for a few hours to service the whole family. No packing up the kids and heading to the salon. No scheduling conflicts. No public tantrums. I’ll definitely be inviting Maria into my home again, especially once I’m back at work and too tired to wash and style my own hair.

Next up for Cribcut? A new mobile app for stylists and clients, a referral program (YAY!) and more city launches across Canada and the US. They are currently operating in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Maryland/ DC/Virginia, and New Mexico. If you currently live in one of these places, I encourage you to expand your on-demand tribe by getting a cut in your crib.  Head to and use my discount code (daniella10) for $10 off your first appointment. Look them up. Invite them in. Thank me later 😉

The end result 🙂


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