I’m sitting in bed writing this on my first official week of mat leave, and I’ve got exactly 8 days to go before my scheduled induction. I took a few weeks pre baby to just straight chill. I thought I was sooooo smart; that I would get stuff done around the house, prepare for my son’s birth by sterilizing bottles and folding footie pyjamas. But the final weeks of pregnancy had other plans for me that have made those tasks a bit more difficult than expected.


Little did I know that Luke’s head would hit against my cervix every time I step out of bed. It feels like I’m holding a bowling ball in with my vagina muscles.  An “adorable” side effect of this new position of his is fresh stretch marks in places I can’t even see without a pocket mirror.

I’m snoring now. But snoring to the point of vicious throat pain. Its truly awful. Apparently my nasal cavity is swollen, causing me to snore in my sleep. I wake up with a burning throat so severe and green tea just won’t cut it.

My chest is legit on fire. I was fine up until this point, but now the heartburn is wreaking havoc on my esophagus. I am doing my best to avoid acidic foods and move around as much as possible after meals. I’m hoping ice cream is the cure.

The Braxton Hicks contractions have started and they are putting the fear of God in me. If BH contractions are this painful, what is the real deal going to feel like?

I. CAN’T. STOP. SWEATING! My house is at a comfortable 68 but it may as well be 100 in here. So. Damn. Hot!

And so here I am, in bed with my legs elevated, complaining via my blog, doing my kegels and unwilling to move unless its for the essentials (food, water, pee. So much pee’ing). I am more thankful than ever that my dog walker will be here in an hour, and I secretly wish that I had my own walker coming to help me get out of the house. Even though I know it would take so much of the pressure off, I can’t get in the bath for fear that I will slip and fall getting out of the tub….home alone problems.

Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited, and excited isn’t the word I use to describe how I feel. I’m not anxious, nervous or (dare I say) excited. There is a sense of calm that has washed over me. A total state of acceptance as I contemplate life with a newborn.I just am…. I am waiting. I am accepting of this huge delivery process I am about to go through. Most of all I am ready. I am ready to bring my son home. I am ready to be the family we’ve wanted to be for so long. I am ready to be a mother. And I’m ready for all of the above to JUST STOP!

Any day now.



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