This post is well overdue, considering I was in the hospital having Lucas back in July, but there were a few things I had in my bag that were instrumental to my comfort that I haven’t noticed on too many other lists, so I wanted to share my hospital bag must have’s.

Ear Plugs

This right here was my number one item. I brought a box of at least 8 ear plugs and I used them so frequently that I went through the whole box. My birthing room was full of people, and I was in there for 20 hours, so when I needed some peace and quiet I put my earplugs in and it was as if I was in an empty room.

Sleeping Mask

Coupled with the ear plugs, once my eye mask was on I was able to get a bit of shut eye and recharge.

Evian Water Spray

I flipped and flopped between being extremely hot and being absolutely frigid, and when I began to overheat I would spray my face with Evian for a quick cool down.

Hot Water Bottle

She was my best friend when I was freezing cold. I also used this at home when my contractions started and it was my saving grace.

Cozy Blankets and Pillows

Yes all the hospital bag packing lists tell you to bring your own pillow and blanket, but its just as important to bring the same comforts of home for your partner.

Fresh Towels – Various Sizes

The hospital will for sure have towels and they will for sure suck. You want your first shower to be a pleasant experience, so bring some fresh towels from home.

Cooler Bag Filled w/Fruit

We had cold grapes, cherries, watermelon and raspberries. While I was still able to eat, all I wanted was chilled fruit, and it did wonders to keep me refreshed and full.

Next Day Outfit

Everyone talks about the going home outfit, but no one was with us when we went home. It was the day after he was born that the family descended on the hospital with their cameras in hand. I was happy to have a cozy and cute outfit for those photos.

What are some items you plan to have or did have in your overnight bag? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclosure: Some of the items above link to product pages on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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