While preparing for childbirth, a c-section was never really on my radar. I was making padsicles the morning of my induction, so that tells you how certain I was that I was pushing that baby out. If you read this blog at all, you know that’s not how things went, so once I came home to recover from my c-section I was thankful that I just happened to have a few items that would make that recovery more comfortable. Below are my top 4 products that all women who are expecting a c-section should have at home to help with her healing.


Getting up out of bed was when I experienced the most pain in those first two weeks, so I was thankful to have a bassinet that made it easy for me to reach for and pick up my son without actually getting up. The swivel on the Bassinest means I can swing Luke right into bed, engage the collapsable wall, and pick him up to breast feed him without stepping a single foot on the ground. We got the Premiere Series, which comes with a “soothing centre”. We’ve been using the ocean sounds and vibration feature to lull Luke to sleep when he’s fussy, and it works like a charm. I honestly can’t imagine my daily life without this bassinet. It’s easily my favourite item in the house right now.


I highly HIGHLY recommend placenta encapsulation to all expecting mothers. I could easily do a whole blog post on just this. I am convinced that taking my own placenta in pill form has been the source of all my energy, and the secret behind my speedy recovery from surgery. We brought along a styrofoam cooler and some ziplock bags to the hospital to store the placenta, and Meredith from Whole Mama came by the day after Lucas was born to pick it up. She steamed it, dehydrated it, and turned it into pill capsules, a cream and a tincture. I’ve been using the cream on my stretch marks and incision scar but its too soon to notice any drastic results. What I have noticed is a drastic increase in energy, and my milk production is through the roof, so that alone was worth the investment.


I picked this up intending to use it post delivery to help me reshape my belly, waist and hips, while also helping with any back aches I might experience from the constant bending to pick up my baby. Little did I know that the product also provides a ton of comfort to c-section mama’s. Having the wrap on gave me more confidence while moving around the house. In those very early days I felt like my insides were just going to fall out of the incision, so having the compression on my belly just made me feel more “together”. I wear this daily for about 6 hours, and always over a pair of high waisted underwear for an extra layer of comfort.


Speaking of high waisted underwear, these are a must have. I hadn’t bought enough, so I had to run out and buy more once I was home. I seriously can’t wear anything else. When I try, my clothes rub against my incision and I can hardly bare it, so its just easier to rock the high waist. Thyme Maternity sells 5 cotton pairs for $40, but high waisted panties are everywhere right now, so if you’re looking for something sexier there is no shortage of options. Check out one of my fave’s, Gooseberry Intimates, for a spicier selection.

While I was preparing for a different delivery experience, I realize now how important it is to plan for the unexpected. It really is a happy coincidence that I have these items, but I can’t imagine my recovery without them. When it comes to healing, its better to be over-prepared, and since all of these items are just as useful to moms who do push, they are worth looking into regardless of your birth plan.



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