Easter is on of my favourite holidays. Why? Well, you get all the family time that comes with Christmas, yet none of the pressure. No office parties. No sparkly outfits. No Christmas tree. And most of all, only the kids get gifts!! lol

This is my first year making Easter baskets and I am so excited to take you guys through the creation of them. I’ve worked with some incredible brands on this series, and I’ve linked them all below. I’ve also worked with Pehr Designs who supplied all the beautiful baskets you see below. I loved using Pehr Designs for these gifts because the baskets themselves are so pretty and very useful for storage afterwards. Eco-friendliness for the win!

Keep in mind, that everything included in my baskets can be ordered online. I did not step in to a single store to create these baskets. So these are totally possible to build in our new online only reality.

Let’s dive in, shall we?! I am making a basket for a variety of ages, so whether you have an infant, a toddler, a pre-schooler or a full on kid, there’s something here for everyone.

BASKET 1: Infant boy

My cousin just had a baby, and this was the sweetest basket to put together. The Pehr Design basket model is the Printed Pint Tiny Bunny. Included in the basket is:

BASKET 2 & 3: 1 year old girls

These were created for our cousins daughter and friends daughter who are the same age. For these baskets I went with the Pehr Design Pom Pom Mini Rose and Pom Pom Mini Blush. Included in each basket is:

BASKET 4: 21 month old boy

This basket is for Lucas, and of course my favourite of the baskets. I used his Pin Dot Pint by Pehr Designs because frankly, the last thing I needed is more baskets for his room! lol. Here’s what I included in my little mans Easter Baket:

BASKET 5: 3 year old boy

This basket is for my Godson, who, like most 3 year olds, is absolutely Paw Patrol obsessed. For the basket, I went with the Pehr Design Mini Pom Pom Pull Toys. I love the colours on this one. Too cute! Here’s what I put in my Paw Patrol themed basket

BASKET 6: 5 year old girl

This basket is for my niece, and was a lot of fun to put together. One of my favourite items is in this basket. For her’s I went with the Printed Mini Magical Forest basket. Here’s what is inside, and she is going to FREAK TF OUT!

BASKET 7: 7 year old boy

This is my final basket and is for my Fortnite/Pokemon obsessed nephew. For his, I went with the Pehr Design Pom Pom Mini in Navy. None of the stuff in this basket makes sense to me, but came highly recommended, so fingers crossed that he loves it.

When it comes to putting the baskets together, I picked up multicolour paper krinkle from Michaels to give the baskets some volume and colour. Instead of cards, I got each childs initial in wood from Michaels and tied it to the baskets with a piece of rope. I didn’t bother with cellophane because I liked the way the baskets looked open and I was trying to keep these as eco-friendly as possible.

I can’t wait to deliver these baskets to our little bunnies. I’ll be leaving them on their doorsteps, ringing the bell, and running 6 feet away to wave at the little ones while they open up their presents. Weirdest Easter EVERY!!!

I hope that this inspires your own Easter baskets this year. Lord knows we all need a little something special to look forward to. For more information on the brands I worked with please use the links in the list to go to the exact item on their websites.


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