Anyone reading this who knows me personally will already know that I am a Director of Social Media for OneMethod Digital + Design in Toronto. Now the only reason I am starting this post with that fact is because OneMethod has a blog called MethBlab and every so often I would write a piece for said blog. My last and latest entry was way back in January of this year, entitled “5 Best Places to Rest Your Butt in OneMethod”. See, my office is dope AF. No seriously.

DOPE.A.F And throughout the space we have the most amazing chairs. Almost twenty different designs. So I decided to rate them. Of everything I’ve ever posted to the blog over the 6 years I’ve worked there, this was my most popular piece. Weird, no? I guess people like sitting down.

Cut to mat-leave month 4. I have realized that I myself have curated an abundance of chairs throughout my space. The key difference here is that almost all the seats are for my son, and every day is a game of musical chairs. Where does Lucas want to sit now? Sometimes the answer is in mama’s arms, and that’s my favourite mood, but for every other mood there is a seat. Below is a comprehensive and definitive ranking of all the places Luke rests his butt in our house.

Nuna SENA Aire Playard in Caviar Black


Fancy fucking way for saying pack and play. This is where Lucas takes his “omg baby you are so tired you need to sleep my love” naps. As his night sleep gets longer, these naps are getting shorter, but I am confident that what’s keeping them consistent is this comfy and compact sleeping space. And seeing as how I live in a townhouse and the nursery is upstairs, the change tray makes diaper changes throughout the day so convenient. Word of warning, I am short(5’1”) so the change tray is comfortable for me, but at 6’1” its painful on my husbands back to change our son here. The included travel bag made this a must have for me. We are going on vacation in January and I definitely plan on bringing my own play pen. Once Lucas is done taking naps in his playpen we plan to fill this bad boy with plastic balls and turn it into a ball pit for playtime.

Peg Perego Siesta high chair

I love cooking, and I was hating the feeling of ignoring my son during prep/dinner time. This high chair has made it possible to have him in the kitchen with me while I cook. I put on a soundtrack, dance, talk to him, let him smell the ingredients, and explain what I’m doing. I want Lucas to love being in the kitchen and not be intimidated by cooking, so I am involving him as early as possible. The soft leather is so cozy that he can sometimes end up taking a quick nap here. The chair reaches counter height (I don’t have a dining room table ATM), and the recline is supporting for a 3.5 month old that can’t quite hold his head up. Sophie is our daily dinner date.


Because my place is narrow I chose the rockaRoo over the mamaRoo. The rockaRoo is significantly smaller and just as chic looking in your space, but in contrast to the mamaRoo, it only has one motion…rocking. I haven’t found this to be an issue in the least. Lucas loves to be rocked – what baby doesn’t? In fact I’ve had more than a few moms tell me that their children hate most of the motions of the mamaRoo and end up favouring a single setting anyway. If your only going to use one setting you might as well spend $60 less and use less space in the process. But that’s just my opinion.

Boppy Newborn Lounger

I’ll say the same thing most late adopters say when they find a product they love. My only regret is that I didn’t have it sooner. This lounger is amazing, but by the time I got it (5 weeks in) he was already outgrowing it. Now that he’s so active he can’t stay in it very long, but we’ve started to use it exclusively in bed when he wakes up and its become a sort of morning ritual for us. I cherish those morning moments when he’s at his happiest and laughing in his boppy before the day has really begun. These moments are burned into my memory for life.

Evenflo Portable Napper and Bouncer with Bluetooth speaker

This was tied for 4th, but the morning ritual got extra emo-points. Don’t get it twisted tho, I love my Evenflo napper. This is one of those items that when adults see it they say “does that come in adult size?” The answer is yes, it does. Its called a hammock. This is our travel baby “hammock”. This packs up so flat and compact that it never leaves the trunk. His naps are so tranquil and long in his portable napper, and the mesh sides make it amazing for outdoor naps. It came in very handy this summer at various parks, picnics and bbq’s. The curved legs let you rock your baby to sleep with your foot. Finally, there’s an adjustable strap that lifts this from flat to tilted, taking it from napper to lounger.


The Bumbo is like the tummy time of chairs. He doesn’t like sitting in it for long stretches (20 minutes max), but I’ve noticed its impact on his ability to control his head in a very short period of time. This one is very new to us, as Lucas has just passed that 3 month mark, and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t have paid full price for it – Facebook Marketplace FTW. Bumbo bonus: The Play Tray and accompanying toys are well priced. I’ll probably pick these up in a few weeks to encourage him to reach up and out to grab things.


My kids next favourite seat? Hopefully on an airplane. 🙂

Disclosure: Some of the items above link to product pages on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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