I absolutely love event planning. I’m quite sure I missed my calling. It started when my sister got engaged way back when, and my passion has only grown since then. I completely threw myself into the fine details when it came to planning my wedding shower, wedding, baby shower and now most recently, Lucas’ baptism. Calling on some of my most trusted vendors, I put together an intimate dinner for 25 of our closest family and a handful of friends. We invited everyone to a sit down dinner at Panino Cappuccino, a restaurant I’ve been going to since I was 16 years old. Tucked away in the basement of this diamond in the rough restaurant, is an event venue aptly named The Hidden Gem. The Italian fare here is incredible, and the vibe is very down to earth. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it.

When it came to decorating tables, I knew I wanted to stay away from standard florals, and go with something a bit darker and more masculine. Kimberly from Delta Dawn mixed tiki and leather leaf ferns, ruscus and eucalyptus leaves to create the winter green garlands that stretched across the centre of both family style tables on either side of the room.

Seeing as how the guest list was so small, I was able to provide a favour per person, rather than per couple. This meant that I could use the favours as table decor. I went with a simple white box and black and white striped ribbon from Creative Bag and attached a seating card by Mini Moments By Mel. I’m a huge lover of essential oils, so inside of each box was one of four euphoric mists by Saje selected especially for the receiver (unfortunately not pictured, as they were so perfectly wrapped up in their boxes). I complimented all of this with a textured grey table cloth and black napkins. The whole thing was pulled together with varying heights of of black candle stick holders, white candle sticks and DIY black lace covered votives.

I kept the cake table extremely simple! Just a couple of small floral arrangements, and some white balloons to fill the space behind the cake. Because I wanted a cake that Dom could eat, I had a gluten free, nut free, dairy free cake created by the designer cake division of Sorelle and Co. while my sister in law made the most delicious custom cookies that to this day are still soft and chewy (I have a stash hidden that I keep picking at).

Finally, I decided to bring Lucas his own high chair, seeing as how his is comfortable enough for naps. I decorated it with a green white and black ribbon garland, and my sister (Mini Moments by Mel) made a cross to match all the other stationary from the event.

While this post is about the event details, I can’t help but gush over how adorable my son looked on his special day. He was dressed to impress in a custom outfit from Solo Bambini and a beautiful 18k gold chain and cross from Virelli Jewellers, all gifted to him by God Parents. His little cousins adorably gifted him the sweetest rosary and pacifier chain by For Your Keepsake.¬†

Baptisms aren’t easy. It’s a lot on our little ones. Its a long day, and a lot of people who are gushing over how adorable they look, cameras in their faces, skipped naps and more clothes than they are used to being stuffed into.You want so badly for the day to be perfect, planned meticulously to the last detail, but you can’t plan your kids mood. I’m not gonna lie, Lucas was really stressed on his day. He was tired, cranky, and cried almost the whole way through. The only time he stopped was in church, which was an honest to God blessing, and funnily enough, as soon as the holy water touched him he fell asleep. It was kind of hilarious, and even strangers were taking photos of this little man who fell asleep in the middle of his baptism.

But overall, it was a beautiful day spent with loved ones, and we couldn’t be more grateful to our family and friends who supported our baby boy as he was welcomed into the Catholic Church.

Photos by Shawn Pinnock 



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