What is it about the day after labour day that just feels like such a reset? It’s got more of a “new year” quality to it than New Year’s Eve itself. l guess it’s the reality of saying farewell to sandy toes, pool days and patio lunches, and hello to fall wardrobes, longer work weeks and meal prepping. It leaves us with a “summer is over” feeling (which technically it isn’t quite yet over) and makes us long for the last three months of memories.

Summer 2019 was very good to me. Last summer I was in my post-delivery fog, sore from my c-section and figuring out this whole mom thing for the first time. I spent a good chunk of time straddling the line between scared shitless and blissfully in love with my baby boy. But this summer I came into my own as a mother, and had more confidence in my abilities to do right by Lucas and our family. It allowed me to enjoy the season so much more. 

Lucas also turned one this summer (huge milestone!), took his first steps and said his first words. As he displayed more independence, our interactions became more engaging, and I was able to confidently take some of my independence back as well. That’s been a game changer for us. He’s developed such a strong bond with his dad, and I’ve started to get more connected with myself, someone I’d been ignoring for the better part of the last year. 

So I guess as I say goodbye to summer 2019, I’m also saying hello to a new season of life, where I get reacquainted with myself and actually get to have a bit of a life outside of the home. A chance to reset, to connect with friends and colleagues, and to figure out how to balance being a mom and my own person at the same time. It’s not something I’ve completely figured out yet, and I’m sure its a constant work in progress for many mothers, but September 3rd is as good a day to reset as any.

Farewell, summer of 2019. Thanks for the memories.


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