Boys are easy, and girls are tough. 

I’m guilty of saying it, and I’ve heard it from other parents more times than I can count.  In fact, It’s one of the most common things we tell ourselves – and others – about raising children. 

But stop for a second, and think about the message this sends. 

Girl: You’re a lot to deal with. Your personality is too big. You’re too loud. You have too many opinions. You’ll likely grow up to be gossipy and bring nothing but drama into the house. You are too emotional. 

Boy: You are energetic and aggressive, but that’s expected of you. You aren’t overly opinionated and that’s great! You’re loud, but you’re a boy so its ok. When you grow up and someone gossips about you behind the back, you will and should let it roll off your back. You aren’t as emotional as a girl and that’s good. 

We can’t oversimplify one gender over the other. Today’s boy moms face the challenge of raising the men of tomorrow to be more empathetic, independent and comfortable with their emotions than the previous generations of men. My son is not “easy” by any means. But I would’t label him hard either. What is easy is loving him, and what is hard is raising a human. And regardless of gender, I am guessing that when it comes to your kids, you’re likely to agree. 


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