Welcome to The Mom Blog, my personal blog space, created to give me an outlet as I embark on the scariest and most enriching chapter of my life. My name is Daniella and I am 36 year old Toronto native who is going through this experience of motherhood for the first time. I have suffered loss, and I have experienced the purest form of happiness. I have a ton of confidence and I have doubts. I love to have fun, but I am most comfortable at home. I am an extremely social being, yet at times I feel very alone. I am a walking contradiction, but when it comes to raising my son I can see everything very clearly. I have always been very closed to peoples suggestions, but motherhood has opened me up, and I have become a sponge for information, and whats more, I love to share that learning.

I believe that mothers today need more support than any other generation. We are inundated with conflicting information and criticism. Like most moms, I have a strong desire to feel supported, and in order to receive that support from the world I first have to put it out there. That is why I started The Mom Blog, a digital destination for millennial moms who are perfectly imperfect, and just figuring this whole mama thing out in front of what sometimes feels like the whole world.  I am trying to cultivate a space that celebrates and supports mothers through listening, loving, lifting up and learning from each other.  When mothers support each other in this way, we are helping to support and lift up the next generation, leaving the world a little better then we found it through and for our children.